"Taking the CityMemory course was a massive help for me. I sought them out when I was faced with my CFA exams - I applied the techniques for my ethics module and breezed it. I also noticed a significant difference in long-term retention of information compared to some of the other modules where I did NOT use the techniques. I would strongly advise anyone sitting professional exams to try CityMemory."

- Thomas WJ Taylor, Citigroup

"I did my law conversion exams at the London Metropolitan. I found the memory techniques to be an incredibly effective and thorough way to memorise large quantities of data with great accuracy."

- Cordelia Prokofiev, Hansen Palomares Solicitors

"I have had the opportunity to spend time learning memory techniques with Richard Bowdler. We spent a couple of hours going through the areas of my course where I simply needed to be able to recall information. Using his memory tools I was easily able to do so up to the point of assessment and beyond. Since then I have been able to use this technique for other parts of my studies and have found it to be very useful."

- Chirag Thakrar, Law student, BPP

"Hi Richard, passed both my exams! Thanks for all the help. Tom"

- Tom McGillycuddy, IMC Exams, Barclays Wealth

"It’s been a pleasure having Richard Bowdler be my personal memory coach. As a psychologist in private practice, I wanted to improve my recall of patient information. Richard has taken a very creative approach which has made our work together fun , dynamic, and effective. I recommend him highly.

- Jonathan, Psychologist, New York

"That memory technique you taught me has really helped... feed me more!"

- James Porter, SEO specialist

"I was impressed with how immediately effective the techniques were. The session included practical examples as well as theory which was great and enabled me to remember the reactivity series instantly which, despite teaching it for about 6 years, I had never been able to master! This, along with the continued support after the session has helped demonstrate a very effective technique in a very short period of time. It has helped me also to recognise the difference between active and passive memory/learning which impacts on the way I can teach and also in my every day work."

Nina, Senior Research Manager, Cancer Research UK

"Hopefully Rory has been in touch about his results, but if not, he achieved straight As in his GCSEs , despite missing a whole term's work! Even his teachers didn't expect that so the work you did was obviously very helpful and what's more he enjoyed it too."

- Trish Savage, Surrey, UK

"You are extraordinary! Thank you for helping so much. Your memory work is very interesting."

- Jennifer Eldredge, London, UK

"You are obviously a genius! Charles got 94 percent for Chemistry."

- Deborah Stone, London, UK

"Nicklas thought the memory course was amazingly good. I wish I had found you months ago!"

- Susan, Mother of A-level student, London, UK

"I found the course very interesting and of enormous value to the students and myself. I hope that we can use this course for all the students as it is something all students should be able to access."

- Jan Crowley, Head of Careers, Bungay High School, UK

"The CityMemory course far exceeded my expectations."

- P Hart, Teacher, Bishop David Brown School, UK

"I am now one of the top students in my class and before taking the CityMemory course I was really struggling. The system is easy to grasp and it's fun to use too.

- Arkadiy A, 15yrs old, London, UK

"We loved you. Thank you. You are a credit."

- Michelle, mother of 14yr old GCSE student, London, UK

"Richard Bowdler's succession of memory lessons help our students retain a vast amount of information. We saw a huge improvement in retention of information and the subsequent digestion. Richard cannot come more highly recommended. Everyone needs him.

- Edward St-John Webster, founder, Bright Young Things Educational Consultants, UK

"Good, really liked the approach of the course. The information was very clear."



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