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Richard Bowdler's succession of memory lessons help our students retain a vast amount of information.

We saw a huge improvement in retention of information and the subsequent digestion. Richard cannot come more highly recommended. Everyone needs him.

Edward St-John Webster - founder Bright Young Things Educational Consultants


Taking the CityMemory course in memory was a massive help for me.

I sought them out when I was faced with my CFA exams - I applied the techniques, taught by a CityMemory consultant, for my ethics module and breezed it. I also noticed a significant difference in long-term retention of information compared to some of the other modules where I did NOT use the techniques. I would strongly advise anyone sitting professional exams to try CityMemory.


Thomas WJ Taylor - Citigroup, London


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Aim of CityMemory
What do we do?


The aim of CityMemory is to enable you to remember more information more effectively and have more time to spend, doing the things you want.

CityMemory provides you with a highly effective, proven system that you can use to pass your professional exams - far faster than ever before...

... you will see results from day one and streamline the way you learn, forever.


At CityMemory we believe so highly in our strategic methodology that we offer you our guarantee that you will pass every professional exam after training with one of our experts.

We are confident enough to back this up with a 100% money-back guarantee.

We run bespoke training courses, both for the private individual and for corporations.

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