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Richard Bowdler's succession of memory lessons help our students retain a vast amount of information.

We saw a huge improvement in retention of information and the subsequent digestion. Richard cannot come more highly recommended. Everyone needs him.

Edward St-John Webster - founder Bright Young Things Educational Consultants


Taking the CityMemory course in memory was a massive help for me.

I sought them out when I was faced with my CFA exams - I applied the techniques, taught by a CityMemory consultant, for my ethics module and breezed it. I also noticed a significant difference in long-term retention of information compared to some of the other modules where I did NOT use the techniques. I would strongly advise anyone sitting professional exams to try CityMemory.


Thomas WJ Taylor - Citigroup, London


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About us
Who are we?

City Memory was established by Richard Bowdler, an Oxford graduate who trained himself to have an exceptional memory. He taught himself techniques for optimising retention of vast quantities of complex information whilst studying for his Masters degree in Chemistry.


Richard later worked in the city as a stockbroker, requiring completion of the SII qualifications. Applying techniques he had learned previously, he went from no finance knowledge to being a fully fledged, FSA registered broker in less than ONE WEEK.

Understanding the need for many city professionals to constantly update their knowledge with recognised qualifications, whilst at the same time maintain their levels of output at work and fit in some sort of social life, he thought that his specialised methodology would be an excellent partner to the need of many busy city folk.


The work sessions focus on:

       effective information retention

       moving information from short to LONG-term memory


       exam technique


Exams that are information based require a substantial amount of knowledge retention. The key elements of the sessions instruct on how to "download" vast quantities of information quickly and effectively and move memories from the short to the the long-term. Thus rendering the sitting of exams as beneficial in building a specialised information base, rather than just being seen as meaningless hoops to jump through, (as is often the way we learned at school).


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